An Expert Voice In Interiors PR

We celebrated our 21st birthday in April this year and we are beginning to feel very grown up! In all seriousness our unique position as a renowned and highly respected Interiors/KBB and Lifestyle PR agency sets us apart.

Whilst longevity isn’t everything, when it is combined with success, excellent testimonials and happy clients who have been with us for many years you know you have a winning formula.

Intricacies of Interiors PR

Interiors PR is a very different proposition and needs a very specific and tailored approach. Whilst Interiors PR has very visually appealing assets there are also technical and practical elements which need to be addressed.

Knowing the specific information that Interiors editors, picture desks and freelancing contributors need gives us a huge advantage when pitching stories. It isn’t enough to describe a chair as stunning or gorgeous, there has to be meat on the bones, what is the chair made from, specific materials, size specification and perhaps most importantly, its design influence.

For kitchen product PR the journalist will need lots of very specific information which we know we need to provide, for kitchen case-study pitching a comprehensive checklist of products and materials needs to be included. The benefits of working with a specialist interiors PR agency include knowing your brand and products will be pitched to relevant contacts, you will be featured editorially in the right environment and never miss an appropriate opportunity.

If you are an interior brand retaining a specialist Interiors PR agency with an enviable reputation, relatable industry knowledge, an exemplary track record combined with flair and creativity you will ensure success.

Serving KBB Brands

There’s nothing we love more than helping homeware brands, lifestyle labels, interior designers and start-ups tell their story. As well as supporting SMES and start-up companies we are very proud to represent some of the UK and Europe’s biggest interior brands – consumer and trade. Whether we’re aiming to raise brand awareness, launch a new range, or refresh a social media strategy, we’re dedicated to helping our partners achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on making their life simpler – but without being simplistic.

Good public relations will enable you to connect with your customer and each other. It’s not about the latest fad, it’s about understanding your audience and building long lasting connections by staying true to your values, and through authentic communication and content. Going beyond the press release.

Why Work With Us

At Simpler PR we consider we can deliver on all of the above and offer clients: 

  • Years of experience
  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Relatable relevance
  • Excellent ROI
  • Valuable contacts
  • Sector expertise
  • Endless creativity
  • Skilful writing
  • Superb track record
  • Honest to a fault
  • Celebrated Integrity

This is why you should work with us!

Head of the Simpler PR family, Owner and MD, Marie Fuller.

Marie has been in the industry for over 30 years. Starting her career in national newspapers, Marie’s creative and playful nature meant that eventually she just couldn’t resist the allure of PR. Since launching Simpler PR as an interiors PR agency in 2003, she’s never looked back. Marie plays an active role in all of our activities, bringing her wealth of experience and enthusiasm to every campaign.


Our Simplicity package is designed to provide affordable PR for small business brands

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