PR’ing home interiors products and brands is a total joy. However, it takes a very different approach to other forms of more traditional PR. Perhaps most notably is the very visual nature of this unique discipline. It’s not just the images which we use to pitch to journalists; the visual collateral a brand possesses contributes hugely to success.

A picture paints a thousand words, but words also paint pictures. This mix of creativity, words and images helps to create the story of a product and brand. Interior tastes are so personal, and incredibly varied. Most consumers have their own style and are fans of certain interior brands but are happy to shop around, finding inspiration from the myriad of ideas and interior content available online and in print, social media, influencers, and of course the hugely authoritative content of magazine contributors.

Interior products can be technical too. When undertaking interiors PR it is vital to know the elements which are of interest and value to particular media and journalists. Information such as material, size, specification, available colour etc all need to be conveyed in bite size accessible chunks. In the trade we call this caption info. This attention to detail, creativity and being a keen judge of visual appeal is what makes home interiors PR unique. It is also what makes it wholly absorbing, challenging and of course enjoyable.

To do home Interiors PR successfully takes a certain type of person, with that rare combination of creativity and meticulousness.

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