Together we can cut through the noise and start real conversations with your audience. It’s no secret that social media is the go-to for real-time interaction and instant inspiration. This isn’t the time or place to be seen and not heard.

All of our packages start with a social media audit to help us see your highlights, and where there’s room for improvement. If you’re just starting out, we’ll draw up a social media strategy that allows you to focus your energy in the best places and pinpoint some hot topics so you can break the ice with your new followers.

Creating and scheduling content, and managing daily engagement can all be intensive, let us take that off your hands, it’s no trouble. Alternatively let’s do it together, this kitchen sometimes needs many cooks to whip up a perfect dish!

We’re good listeners too. We’ll look out for conversations brewing elsewhere that you can contribute to and keep our ear to the ground to hear what’s being said about you behind your feeds.

At the end of the monthly, or one-off, campaign we’ll deep dive into our successes to ensure effective future social media planning.

Dar Social