The Role of Print Media

The media landscape still keeps print at its heart. In-depth brand and designer profiles, trend reports and large-scale photoshoots, all name print as their permanent residence. 

It doesn’t stop there. Real home case studies, expert opinion pieces, new product range reveals and “stylish buy” suggestions – the list of the opportunities for you to be featured is almost endless. Over the years we’ve built great relationships with the largest publishing houses in the industry, alongside some of the most independent, so we’re always in the loop about what’s coming up.

All that choice means it’s easy to get carried away. However, we’ll focus your message and target the relevant audience and media to get you the best results. 

In interiors PR, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. We help our clients style their pieces, select those all-important hero shots (for print and digital), and showcase them to right people. 

We’ll also guide you in effectively planning your print media advertising strategy. We know it’s important to reach your audience in all the key places, and in lots of different ways. 

Creating A Successful Print PR Campaign

A successful PR print campaign can take many different forms, and can work in many different ways.

The beauty of print is that the reader is holding something “real.” It can be kept for future reference or interest. In this way a print campaign can build and evolve over time. There will be opportunities to see the product being many and varied.

A successful PR print campaign may be stand-alone or part of a more eclectic media mix. Even if solely in the traditional media form, there are many different applications. These include National Newspapers, Supplements, Local Press, Specialist Titles, Lifestyle Magazines, Regional Magazines, Business Press, Newsletters etc etc!

Securing Prominent Exposure In Interiors Publications

In terms of interior publications specifically, a successful PR print campaign should include an element of all of the above. With a “drip drip” message or hero image which is seen multiple times and in multiple contexts; these could be in a roundup of similar products for “get the looks”, taking the lead in a national newspaper trend piece, a lead shot for an interior feature in a glossy magazine or a company profile in a B2B title.

One range, or product, can be seen in an array of Interior titles over many months. For example, the gorgeous Opal Quiz bath from leading Spanish Bathroom brand Acquabella was featured in all the leading interior consumer and trade titles over a period of months. To name a few, Elle Decoration, KBB Magazine, Art of Design, Sleeper, Ideal Home, KBB Review, Living. It may be that the brand is developing a new line or moving in a new direction and this is where more “meaty” coverage can be generated. This may be through interviews, profiles, in depth product features, advice columns are all elements of successful brand building and work particularly well in print.

If you are looking to create print exposure for your brand we would love to talk to you.

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