Digital PR is not a new concept, it’s one that’s evolved. Across all of our campaigns we work with the digital platforms of print media as well as stand-alone high-ranking websites and relevant influencers. Something we’ve always done. There are lots of digital opportunities open to consumer and trade brands, and we know just where to find them.

What’s the purpose of online PR in digital marketing? To help you increase awareness, build a close relationship with your audience, improve SEO, boost traffic and establish you as an authority.

Working together we’ll create content that aligns with your SEO keywords and strategy. We’ll target a vast raft of domain authority enhancing, link-building prospects to aid with Google Rankings and expand your audience and reach.

Providing answers to the burning questions your customers might be searching for online such as; “Best fabric for sofa upholstery”, “How to style a shelfie”, “Easy room refresh tips” – we’ve got you covered. Showcasing your expertise, resonating with your audience and helping others (and your rankings) is truly important to us.

Just because we’re talking online doesn’t mean everything has to be virtual. We’ve hosted in-person brand events with household name influencers such as Mad About the House and 2LG Studio. Events like this not only help you grow your audience, but let you make new connections and produce exclusive, authentic content.

In the battle of digital PR vs traditional PR, who wins? It depends on your objectives, but we say they are often better together.

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